SSLD Tree Trimming, Removal, and Planting

From planting privacy trees to removing trees, we are ready to help. We’re licensed and insured. We pick qualified partners to ensure every project is completed in the safest and most efficient way.

Planting and Design

Our licensed and insured tree specialists are available to remove dead or unwanted trees, even clear lots and land for building or pasture. We also offer bushhogging services to overgrown lots and pastures. In addition to removing trees, we can limb or shape trees. Sometimes trees are just fine where they are, but need a little shape or have an overhanging limb. All trees must be examined prior to removal. Many times an estimate will not be given without seeing the tree(s). However some occasions for small trees can be quoted by picture. Call today to discuss your project.

Tree and Debris Removal

Falling trees can do a great deal of damage to your property. When they fall on or near a house they can cause structural issues or potential hazards. They can also draw animals that nest in the branches and wood. Other debris can result from storms as well, from structures that collapse to broken furniture and even pieces of buildings that blow in from elsewhere. We can come in and clean up all of that debris to restore your yard to safety and prepare it for restoration.

Privacy Trees

If privacy is an issue there are great options to feel private and secure. We can use shrubs, trees or both to create natural privacy screens and sound barriers. Our team can also install fences or walls that can be accented with plants to leave a serene privacy screen.

We can install a variety trees and shrubs to fit height, area size, density and budget requirements. Give us a call to discuss your area today. Decorative fences or trellis covered in vines can provide clean, non-claustrophobic privacy. Privacy can also be attained by adding boulder walls or berms with fitting plants and shrubs and boulders. Berms also add dimension and dramatic flare to your overall landscape.