SSLD Plant Install and Design

In order to create that beautiful relaxation space, let’s spend a little time making sure the design and the plants will deliver the feeling you are looking for.

Every landscape design is not complete without lively plants and accents. Choosing the right plants for an area can be challenging with so many options available. The Scenic South team is to the rescue. There are many factors to consider when planting. Shrubs and plants can easily become a nuisance when placed in the wrong spot. This is why hiring a professional is a great choice, as we know a wide variety of plants and how they will look in the future. From a real estate perspective, you never want to block windows or crowd a home with shrubs and trees. We take into account sun and shade requirements, ease of maintenance, and overall appeal of the area. We also consider your personal style. With many styles available, it is a good idea to provide example pictures of landscapes you like. Some love a natural look with boulders and full beds, while others prefer clean contemporary landscapes. Be sure to mention your likes and dislikes while discussing your project.

Our first option is the most common. We start out by meeting in person on-site to discuss your project. At this time we cover your goals, problems, budget, and your preferences. We then take our notes and pictures to come up with a plan for your project. Here we layout plants based on your preference and the area requirements. Once complete we send an itemized proposal with all plants listed out. You are then able to review the plant choices and make any necessary changes. Once the proposal is approved, we come in to remove any existing material, install any hardscape or other items, layout plants, and let you watch as your yard comes to life. There is no charge for a no sketch design.

The other option is to have a sketch or drawn design. We follow the same process as laid out above. However, once a designer is on site, a 50% deposit is due and the remaining due once the drawing is completed. You will be provided a full-scale drawing, electronic copies, a list of plants, and an estimate for us to install. This is a great option if you are going to have to break up your project into segments. Moderate edits are accepted free of charge. Hardscapes, additions, water features, etc. that may be installed later can also be included in these designs. The drawings are yours to keep and you are not agreeing to our proposal on install. Designs start at $300 and go up from there depending on the scale of details, items and overall size of the area in the design.

Unsightly banks! Often times builders leave behind unmanageable banks and hillsides exposed with little to zero landscaping. They then turn into overgrown, uneven, eroding hillsides. We can come in and clean up or re-purpose leftover debris like boulders. Our team lays down erosion preventative material if necessary. Save yourself from broken ankles by proposing plants that can grow to maturity and don’t require maintenance.

We pay close attention to drainage and choose a ground cover that will not wash away in heavy rains. Sometimes drains or borders are required.