SSLD Lighting

Landscape lighting is a major selling feature for a home. It also aids in protecting your home. A well-lit home is less likely to be targeted by intruders. It also can set the mood on your deck.

Showcasing Your Landscaping with Lights

The right lighting can highlight the gorgeous details of your landscaping, from your immaculate flower beds to your well-trimmed shrubs and hedges or your tree-lined walking paths. It’s a great way to extend the curb appeal of your home even into the night hours.

A Variety of Options

There are a wide variety of options for outdoor lighting that allow you to achieve the exact light effects you want while saving you money on bills. Most outdoor lighting systems are low-voltage, so they won’t unduly raise your electric bills, and tend to be quite safe to boot. There are LED options for brighter lighting that is even lower on energy costs, and for those who want to be truly renewable, solar options allow you all the lighting you want!

Expert Exterior Lighting Design

Our experts can come in and offer ideas on the ideal lighting design for your outdoor areas. For example, it may be tempting to simply hang a bright light inside your gazebo or pergola, but in some cases, indirect lighting —lighting the objects and features around the structure — can be better. This highlights the details and creates intricate shadow patterns while still diffusing enough light to illuminate the interior. Let us work with you to create the perfect lighting for your landscape.