SSLD Decks, Gazebos, Pergolas

Today’s world of sitting outside has taken on a variety of new styles over the years. Let’s design a nice cool place for you to relax and sit awhile.


Decks are similar to porches, but usually have wooden floors and often are raised off the ground. Adding a deck onto your home can add a real sense of elegance to the entire space. Decks are great for relaxation on a raised area overlooking your yard, off of a second-floor bedroom, or above the garage. They can add extra space for entertaining over your porch or patio, or can just serve as a serene nook to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee. Let us design the ideal deck for your landscaping needs.


Gazebos are perennially popular structures in large yards, as they provide a separate, detached space that is both open and covered and allow for outdoor entertaining with a degree of shade and protection from the elements. They can also look fantastic and can be had in a wide range of styles and sizes, from rustic wooden looks to elaborate ironwork.

Gazebos are generally octagonal or hexagonal in shape, with a peaked roof and open sides. They are ideal for larger properties and make a great addition to a pond or small lake. Curtains and latticework can be used to provide some level of side enclosure.


Pergolas are usually, though not always, best for Asian-themed yards. These structures use vertical posts to support a cross-beamed open top. Rather than providing shade and protection from the elements, they are often used to provide an appearance of elegance or to support grape vines, roses, ivy or other climbing decorative plants.

The nice thing about a pergola is that it can be used in a range of yard sizes. They are ideal for placing beside swimming pools, over wishing wells, or over patios.