SSLD Patio

A patio is normally adjacent to your residence, and outdoors. Patios tend to be paved, but are usually not roofed. They can be paved with concrete, flagstone, slate, brick, or even stone. These are popular features that serve as a basis for outdoor entertainment areas and outdoor kitchens. They are nearly as popular as porches, and can be just as utilitarian. You may consider a patio if you want a lot of sunlight, or if you have an area with lots of natural shade from trees.

When it comes to patios and firepits there are many options.

  • Non-permanent patio using stone steppers, pavers, flagstone or natural flat stone, select the area and shape of patio or walkway, each stone is placed on top of a base such as m10 and leveled. The joints are ether grass, sand, or gravel.
  • These are creative, lower cost options to solid patios and walkways. If maintained properly they can last and look great for several years. However, if you are looking for a durable, more permanent solution we recommend a more solid option. They are better suited in states where rain is minimal. They are great for small backyards or inner-city yards where softscaping is minimal.
  • Patio options include

Pavers, bricks, or cobblestones.

These patios and walkways are super fun because of the abundance of options. All those options also make it tricky to pinpoint the cost of each project. The price range on the material varies enough that one could cost more than flagstone, but others will be much less. This option offers a material you can build several aspects with, such as a patio, seating wall, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, etc. This makes them an excellent choice for outdoor living space extensions.

Other Patio options are concrete.

  • Both stamped and plain concrete are a great hardy option for any patio.
  • They are also on the lower end of cost. An average concrete patio would run between $8-$11 per square foot depending on many factors such as accessibility and size of the patio.
  • A stamped concrete patio or walkway gives the vibe and appearance of natural stone, but without the cost. There is a wide array of options when it comes to color and stamp.
  • Stamped concrete will run between $14-$16 per square foot.

Last patio option is travertine.

The luxury of luxuries is travertine tiles. This is your most durable and longest lasting patio option. The porcelain product is so dense it can not absorb stains and has a psi of 53,000. That is 7 times the strength of a normal paver. Even better, this product is so durable it can be used for driveways, patios, pool decking, and so much more. It is scratch and crack resistant and does not require a sealer. Every piece is unique in pattern and color. No two pieces will be the same, making every project unique. Many color options are available with a few different styles and size choices. Theses patios will run $26-$30/ square foot. If different size tiles are requested in the pattern, the cost will be on the higher side. Using one size tile will save on cost. If an elegant, low-maintenance product is what you’re looking for, look no further!