SSLD Patio

A patio is normally adjacent to your residence, and outdoors. Patios tend to be paved, but are usually not roofed. They can be paved with concrete, flagstone, slate, brick, or even stone. These are popular features that serve as a basis for outdoor entertainment areas and outdoor kitchens. They are nearly as popular as porches, and can be just as utilitarian. You may consider a patio if you want a lot of sunlight, or if you have an area with lots of natural shade from trees.

Simple less expensive option include loose decorative gravel enclosed with some type of border. Flagstone or paver pieces may be incorporated for solid surfaces. These patios are fun and temporary for easy removal or upgrades in the future. They do require a bit more maintenance then some of the other options.

Concrete or stamped concrete are commonly used material choices. Plain concrete is a budget-friendly option to achieve a flat solid surface. Stamped concrete adds some to the cost, but also ups the allure of the overall patio appeal and function. With the many pattern and color options available it is not hard to find the perfect combination for your space.

Paver patios are a timeless favorite amongst many. This style corresponds well with both traditional homes as well as modern designs. There are several patterns and color choices as well. A big plus about paver patios are the many matching additions that can be added for use and appeal, such as seating walls, steps, fire pits, retaining walls, and more. You can’t go wrong with a paver design. Also make great driveways and walkways.

Our favorite most elite patios includes porcelain and flagstone. Flagstone illustrates a natural or rustic design, fitting in well across north Georgia. Unique to its name, no two flagstones are the same. If you are after a clean sleek look, porcelain or travertine are exactly what you need. These tiles are the most durable and can be used indoor and outdoor. As well as, for driveways, high traffic areas, and more. These material choices will last the longest and leave a great impact to your space.