SSLD Dry Creek Beds

Dry creek beds are a beautiful feature in any yard! Though not always required, if there is a place to incorporate a stone dry creek bed, we highly recommend it. Check out these beautiful creek beds.

Many times we use dry creek beds to solve drainage and erosion problems. They can be placed in gullies, ditches, or natural flow washing areas. Other times we direct drainage to flow into a newly created dry creek bed. The river rocks mixed with boulders and pea gravel add great color and texture contrast. Other features like large stones and bridges can be added for function or appeal. Over time silt and debris can build up in them, so we recommend loosening or adding stones and cleaning out silt every 5 years or so. We use landscape fabric underlayment to prevent settling and slow silt build up. To complete any design we always recommend incorporating stone and boulders with plants.